Why INNOVA...​

      The dream started when the founder of INNOVAtheatre stepped onstage for the first time in front of Roy Rogers at the age of 6 playing the role of Raggedy Andy. Donning his red yarn wig and checkered shirt with bib overalls he realized then that no matter who you were or how you looked there was a place for everyone in the entertainment industry.

       He started his professional career at the age of eighteen, right out of High School doing summer stock with First Frontier Inc. and just kept going from there… but he soon realized that there were people not getting the chance to do what he did because they were different. Society has a specific type in mind when it comes to the perception of what they expect onstage when going to see a drama or musical theatre performance.

      The mission of INNOVAtheatre is to allow all people an opportunity to express themselves through the dramatic arts, while still maintaining a professional quality show. Tall, small,  large, tiny, pink, yellow, oval or square…. THERE IS a place for you and we welcome you with open arms!

      Come join our family as we entertain the tri-state area with exceptional, professional quality theatre. We are INNOVA and you are invited to be yourself and express yourself through the arts. We hope to see you as the curtain goes up on this new upcoming company!

Mission Statement:

INNOVAtheatre was designed to showcase unexpected talent while putting a spin on the traditional theatre experience audiences have come to expect. Embracing diversity in every way, INNOVAtheatre is a place where artists are free to take artistic risks to create work that is cutting edge and made accessible to everyone.

Vision Statement:

Innovation through inclusion, exploration and the fusing together of the known and unexpected.