Auditions for our Summer Musical will be coming up soon. Please stay tuned for more information on this exciting show.  This show won the L.A. Weekly Award for Best Musical, the Ovation Award for Best Musical and the L.A. Drama Critics Award for Best Score.   

This show has been described as a mix of Rent and Dead Poets Society, exploring sexuality, self expression, guilt, jealously, teen pregnancy, female body image, and religion, all overflowing with the kind of urgency and intensity that comes with being seventeen. Like Rent, it Explores a community that includes both straight and gay people, all struggling with the complexities of being young in contemporary America. Like Rent, this show is important in the history of gay theatre because though both shows focus on gay relationships, neither show is really a "gay show."   

  Gay theatre is slowly coming out of the ghetto and being allowed to mix and marry with "straight shows."
It’s a message of religious faith and of human community, both personal and political.